Imagination is more important than knowledge.

For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.
Albert Einstein

Vegacomp Consulting is a company providing consultancy, trainings and services for future Connectivity by Fiber Optic Infrastructure, Smart Parkings, Smart Cities and IoT.

Based on a 30 years experience in Fiber Optics, you can find a good partner for Fiber Optic Trainings or Procurement for any innovative product or service for your fiber optic network/infrastructure in Vegacomp.

  • I had the honor to work with Cornel during the implementation of the Smart City pilot deployed in 2016 by Telekom Romania in “Oraselul Copiilor”, sector 4, Bucharest. I could say this was a pioneering project given the fact that we were testing how would operate synergistically, in real outdoor conditions, several smart solutions, provided by 3 different vendors, integrated on a third party platform. I have to admit that during the implementation phase we have faced several difficulties when deploying the communication infrastructure and smart equipment and we had to overcome different technical challenges. That’s why, a critical factor of success was our collaboration with a skilled delivery partner that had a good understanding of the IT & electrical networks and significant exposure related to electronic equipment and communication protocols. We relied on Cornel’s creative mindset and technical expertise to support us in designing a flexible yet robust architecture that could scale up and accommodate larger areas and infrastructures. I am proud to say that the pilot in Sector 4 is the first integrated Smart City project deployed in Bucharest that came to life also due to the great support and dedication of our partners from Vegacomp Consulting.

    Elena Paun Business Development Manager, System Integration Division, B2B Commercial , Telekom Romania
  • Vegacomp is a very well connected, effective and dynamic system integrator. Their agility makes the difference when it's about time to market. See more

    George Nistor Project Manager, Telekom Romania
  • Working with Cornel was the right choice when you have an ambitious goal. He had equally the courage, the knowledge, the honesty and trustworthiness packed altogether into a reliable partner to,  build what it was a that time, a bold project, Netcity. No one has ever done a similar job in Romania, and despite the arguments, politics and fear of new, his enthusiasm and passion to overcome technical challenges transformed everything into a success story, one of the few PPPs in Romania, that brought benefits to everyone: shareholders, citizens, city, city hall, the telco industry. After years of hard work, Netcity has become de facto standad for fiber and duct system in Bucharest and in Romania.

    Nicolae Ghioca First CEO of NETCITY Telecom
  • We are very fortunate to have found a partner like Vegacomp for designing, building and operating our fibre optic network. Our partnership started years ago with the planing of our fibre optic infrastructure for 130 plots, including a public wi-fi system and a state of the art POP for the data providers. The building works that followed went flawless, therefore we embarked on a long therm partnership for operating the network. Vegacomp is currently operating all our contracts with the clients and with the data providers, issuing invoices, maintaining the network and offering support for our clients. Cornel Barbut and his team are problem solvers with a can-do attitude, finding solutions to the most demanding requirements.

    Horia Bălan Project Director, Loreco Investments
  • Today’s reality shows us stronger relationships between power and ICT, in such manner that you cannot say were one ends and the other one starts. Smart power solutions (as SCADA, DMS and smart grid) would not be possible without the ICT component. During our 5 years of collaboration, we found Cornel and Vegacomp Consulting being the perfect liaison between power and ICT. With his extended expertise in ICT field and a very good understanding of power business, Cornel is one of the most open minded, innovative and entrepreneurial people we came in contact with. We are looking forward for more business opportunities in which we can act together with Cornel and Vegacomp Consulting.

    Raul Toma CTO, Servelectro Integral