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Vegacomp Consulting consider communications as a very important Utility for every person and business and aims to bring closer to any customer combined solutions for communications, Energy and Smart Parkings by re-designing the business models and innovation of fast, reliable and valuable implementation solutions.


Vegacomp Consulting will become an international leader for providing the most innovative combined solutions for communications, Energy and Smart Parkings.


Vegacomp Consulting is the leader for Fiber Optic Networks consultancy in Romania.
Vegacomp Consulting is one of the trend setters for Smart Parking solutions with focus on Parking Data and Open Data.
In terms of Sales, Vegacomp Consulting aims to have 50% international customers and 50% Romanian customers. Vegacomp has presently 7 Romanian partners and 11 international partners.
Vegacomp Consulting is targeting to be one of the best providers of implementation services for Smart City and IoT projects at Regional level.
Vegacomp Consulting wants to become one of the most important experts for communications solutions for Energy like Smart Metering and SmartPole-as-a-Service (Utility/Telecom Poles Inventory).

Vegacomp in figures

  • Sept 2004

    Contract for DIGI TV Installation

  • 2008

    NETCITY project starts

  • 2010

    Pizza Box Project
    0.5 milions of Euro

  • 2013

    FO Trainings starts

  • APRIL 2016

    Completion of Smart City Pilot Project of Telekom Romania in Sector 4, Bucharest

Vegacomp’s CV

Founded in 2004, Vegacomp Consulting was coming in business world as a consulting company for various businesses.

The name is composed from VEGA which means one of the stars as the company aims to be 5* quality services and also because the owner’s wife name is VERVEGA who is an well-known artist/modern painter and COMP from Company.

Vegacomp Consulting has as main office in a nice vila from Kiselef Bucharest area and a mobile office, based on a contract with REGUS, in order to be closed to its Customers anywhere in the world anytime.

We like very much the concepts of pay-as-you-grow or pay-as-you-consume and we are promoting to our customers projects with revenues sharing and new innovative business models.

Among our Customers are big companies because we started to work with RCS&RDS – the biggest 4-play telecom operator from Romania with activities in other 6 countries also – for 4 years, followed by NETCITY Telecom for 5 years (the metropolitan fiber optic network of Bucharest).

Our biggest Client is Telekom Romania (former Romtelecom) with which we had the biggest contract till now in value of 0,5 millions of Euro in 2010 (powering on around 2500 pizza boxes in Bucharest). Furthermore, we were trying to implement with Romtelecom our concept of “Smart Pole project” (nowadays called SmartPole-as-a-Service) by implementing the first phase, an inventory of telecom cables on power line (ENEL OHL) poles in Slobozia in 2014. The last cooperation with Telekom Romania was focused on innovation and Smart Cities, as Vegacomp was the company implementing on site 3 Pilot Projects of Smart City in Bucharest (direct with Telekom Romania who had CISCO as main partner) in 2o15-2016, Constanta (in partnership with ZTE Romania) and Piatra Neamt (in partnership with Huawei) in 2017.

Our biggest Customer in the last 3 years is Cotroceni Park (AFI Cotroceni) for which we installed an intelligent parking system with more than 2000 indoor parking sensors.

Previously it was Loreco Investments who is building a luxury residential campus in Dumbrava Vlasiei, 20 km north of Bucharest, with 100% passive houses. https://dumbravavlasiei.ro

The role of Vegacomp in this nice and interesting approach for a special residential campus was to provide a D-B-O (Design, Build and Operate) outdoor fiber optic infrastructure for the first village (129 houses). The fiber optic infrastructure had been build together with other infrastructure within 2015 – 2017.

Infrastructure is for Vegacomp Consulting a specialty in terms of communications services, while during its life infrastructure was the most important part in projects done. Just to mention the list of 3 major infrastructure projects where Vegacomp worked for:

  • RCS&RDS – Fiber Optic Backbone Network with OPGW on 110 kV Over Head Lines, 3 000 km
  • NETCITY Telecom – Fiber Optic Metropolitan Network of Bucharest, 900 km
  • ANCOM – Consultancy contract concerning the technical solutions for fiber optic networks implementations in respect of Law 154/2012 regarding the infrastructure’s access

One of our important products for Vegacomp Consulting is the Smart Pole, which is a retro-fit solution for an intelligence interface to be attached on existing poles. Latest Vegacomp transformed this product into a service called SmartPole-as-a-Service, which means the automated or semi-automated inventory of existing poles for the Poles owners (Utilities, Telecom operators or City Halls).

In the last years Vegacomp Consulting tried several innovative projects and business for telecom market which needs the power for its equipments and for energy power which needs communications services.

In 2016 Vegacomp added to its portfolio the Research & Development activities.

From 2016 Vegacomp is starting the activity in IoT zone, especially working with various types of sensors based on LoRaWAN communication technology but not only.

Starting with 2019 Vegacomp is accelerating the Smart Parking solutions.

Financial Status