Fiber Optic Networks Expertise is a Consultancy service which aim to support companies to make decisions on fields which they don’t have enough resources but they want to improve them or to grow up.

Product Scope:

It’s about how to cut some costs but more important is how to invest some money in the right way (in materials but which one? or in technology? or updates of standards or for some particular subjects) or to invest more in people.

Application field:

  • Fiber Optic Networks deployments
  • Technical Audit for a Fiber Optic Network
  • Investments in Fiber Optic Networks
  • Communications solutions for Utilities (Energy, Water, Gas, Heating, Wastes etc)
  • Infrastructure for ITS and other fields working with Fiber Optic Cables or Networks
  • Smart City

Technical Description:

CONSULTANCY services can be provided either by hour/day/week/month or per task or project.

The Expertise is providing a valuable set of information which are most relevant to the scope of consultancy services and updated info at local and international level.

The Consultancy means also to gather the required and qualified human resources in order to fulfill the task of the Project.

The Consultancy doesn’t mean decisions to be taken by Consultants but the Customer has to move fast and in well-planned action schedule in order to collect the best results of the consultancy services.

In case of a owner or Manager of a Fiber Optic Network wants to know the status of its Fiber Optic Network with external eyes, for themselves or before a sale.

Vegacomp has an international team prepared to make technical audit of existing Fiber Optic Network.

Any questions?

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