Fiber Optic Training is a service provided for companies and individuals (a minimum number of 5 persons required) in 2 options:

  • In cooperation with AFOR ( ), Fiber Optic Association from Romania, for those who seek certified diplomas for Fiber Optic Splicers which are valid for EU territory.
  • Personalised Fibr Optic trainings for specific companies needs.


Product Scope:

Permanent Education is a way to improve our life.

Fiber Optic Training has the scope to prepare good specialists in fiber optic networks and to update them with knowledge and international news in the field of Fiber Optic based on 20+ years experience in the field at international level of Fiber Optic Networks.

AFOR has the right tools to improve the practice in Fiber Optic works and aims to support companies also in a professional evaluation of their Fiber Optic specialists from time to time.

AFOR is authorized by Romanian Labor Ministry and Ministry of Education for the job called “Fiber Optic Splicer”.

Vegacomp is looking by Fiber Optic Training to provide a professional approach for becoming professional through individuals and to grow up tomorrow’s fiber optic specialists at international level. Vegacomp can do the Fiber Optic trainings in English in Bucharest, Prague or any other city in the world.

Application field:

  • Fiber Optic Networks Operators or Owners
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installers
  • Network designers
  • Construction companies
  • Companies interested to enter in the fiber optic market

Technical Description:

  1. AFOR

There are 5 course modules, which can be done stand-alone or in any combination. One course lasts 3 days, usually Wednesday – Friday. Each course has 50% theory and 50% practice. Evaluation is done by a Test at the end of the course.

Each course has at least 2 Trainers.

  • Module 1: Fiber Optic Splicing
  • Module 2: Fiber Optic Testing
  • Module 3: Installation of Fiber Optic Cables
  • Module 4: Fiber Optic Networks Design
  • Module 5: FTTH Networks – A new and update technology very common explained from experience and from the initiator of FTTH standard at EU level

A personalized course for a company can be from one day to 5 days.


Any questions?

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