Indoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure is E2E product given as CAPEX or OPEX in order to provide all the possible communication services required (TV, internet, telephony and data) for those who live, work or visit a building or set of buildings, for residential or business reasons.

Product Scope:

This product is a Multi-Operator solution which brings to the Customers competition in services and options to choose services and not Operators, and to have services in a very short time (Plug&Play principle).

Application field:

  • Residential Blocks
  • Residential Campuses
  • Offices buildings
  • Real-Estate Buildings (Business or Residential)
  • Industrial premises
  • Shopping Business Centers


Indoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure is a either a product given as CAPEX or a service provided against a monthly fee which aim to support people and companies having a clean indoor infrastructure for all their communications needs. This product/service is a future-proof solution which allows the owner flexibility and scalability.

Technical Description:

The elements of the Indoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure are the following:

  • Building Entry Box
  • Micro-ducts or Riser pipes for Vertical and Horizontal distribution
  • Floor Distribution Boxes
  • Indoor Fiber Optic Cables or Fiber Optic Units

Fiber Optic or Hybrid Outlets

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