There are some cases when Power failures are very important. If there are for short periods of time it’s still ok for general use but for longer periods it can cause serious damages. How can we know from a remote location if power is off? Or how can we know if Internet/WiFi is off?

This device is checking both or only one: WiFi Internet or/and Energy. Another name for this device is WiFi Internet / Energy Checker and is also a Smart Plug with Alerts options.

Product Scope:

The Smart Fuse is a simple and efficient device for checking remotely if power or internet is off and when the power or internet is on again. The Smart Fuse send notifications by SMS for each power or WiFi internet event, off/on, or for any thresholds set as periods of off power/internet. The Smart Fuse can be used with various extensions for optional automation actions like remotely switching on the fuse when power is on.

Application field:

  • Smart Home
  • 2nd Homes
  • Smart Cities – Smart City solutions with power/WiFi consumption
  • Industrial premises
  • Shopping Business Centers

Technical Description:

SMART FUSE is a box with some electronic components which detects if power is off or WiFi internet is off. The box sends the alerts by SMS to a central point agreed with the Customer because when power is off also WiFi internet is off usually. The alerts are for power off and power on, WiFi off and WiFi on.

The SMS alerts can be sent to more phone numbers.

Any questions?

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