Simplify parking experience


Simplify parking experience.

We are providing personalized parking solutions, turn-key solutions or parts, for future-proof solutions based on the new business model principles like Parking-as-a-Service, pay-as-you-use, one button for parking experience, multiple payment methods, Supplier-independent, bookings of parking places.

Our indoor & outdoor parking solutions contains complete set of components starting with Hardware (indoor/outdoor parking sensors, row masters/controllers, indoor/outdoor displays for automatic guiding indoor system, connectivity), Software (server + Parking Platform + Mobile App) and Big Data Parking Machine.

Available options include bookings, payments, enforcement and others.

Outdoor or Indoor Parking Solutions contains various types of especially wireless parking sensors with different communications technologies available like LoRa or Sigfox.

Product Scope:

The Parking experience nowadays is very complicated generally. Our communications experience aims to bring a fast revolution in parking solutions with integrated options and personalized solutions for any type of parking.

We are providing a Big Data Parking Machine for all Parking Owners in order to make better decisions in how to optimize their usage of parking.

Our Parking brand is here: Afi Cotroceni, Bucharest 2018-2020 –, who is the first broker of parking data from Romania.


Application field:

  • Parking Owners
  • Public Authorities / City Halls
  • Shopping Centers
  • Airports
  • Real-Estate
  • Tenants in Office Buildings
  • For illegal parking places (the best ROI for Parking is Anti-Parking)
  • For Electric Vehicles parking places
  • For parking places dedicated to the persons with disabilities

Services offered by Vegacomp for Smart Parking solutions:

  • Automated inventory of parking places (based on our own Parking Inventory GIS app and local personnel requested by the Customers for public and private parking places)
  • Complete indoor parking system like the one implemented in AFI Cotroceni (2041 parking sensors) since 2018 based on
    • ultra-sound sensors
    • Geomagnetic sensors
    • LPR camera based sensors (for 4-6 parking places)
  • Complete outdoor parking system which consists of
    • Geomagnetic sensors
  • Mobile app (various options)
  • Street Parking Meters independent (no electricity required)
  • Park Office solution – for Tenants in Office Buildings
  • Parking Display Message Signs (PDMS) system for cities – displays with free available parking places in several places in the city
  • BPD – Big Parking Data as a service – an AI tool which it get parking reports and optimize the use of parking places, including various suggestions like what type of dynamic tariff could be proposed
  • OPDP – Open Parking Data Platform – we are collecting here all the parking data from Romania’s parkings, both public and private
  • Options to integrate:
    • Locking parking places
    • RFID options in parking solutions
    • Other communications technologies like Sigfox, LoRa, Fiber Optic etc.
    • Charging EVs

Any questions?

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