Innovative materials for Fiber Optic Infrastructure


Today the Fiber Optic Networks and Infrastructure need different types of materials compared with 20 years ago fiber optic networks.

Aerial or underground fiber optic networks are changing and all the Network owners are paying attention to the new products and also to the innovative trends for fiber optic networks evolution.

Product Scope:

This product is a personalized solution for a certain moment or certain network in specific conditions. We provide innovative materials which are existing on the market or need to be created or adjusted.

Application field:

  • Fiber Optic Networks Backbone & Metropolitan Aerial
  • Fiber Optic Networks Backbone & Metropolitan Underground
  • Residential Campuses
  • Industrial premises
  • CCTV applications
  • Smart City infrastructure
  • Roads/Highways infrastructure
  • Security companies


Innovative Materials for Fiber Optic Infrastructure are for Aerial Networks:

  • composite poles
  • aerial HDPE ducts
  • Fiber Optic Cables with Single Mode fibers
  • Hybrid Cables (x Fiber Optics SM and Power cable)
  • Fiber Optic Sensors (for traffic detection, perimetral security, high temperature and many others)
  • Intelligent Labels (with QR codes, with RFID tags, with Real-Time Location Detector, 2-way info – read & write)

and for Underground Fiber Optic Networks:

  • prefabricated manholes or handholes from composite complete with composite covers B-125, C-250 or D-400 class
  • HDPE microducts and bundles any size
  • street cabinets for FTTC or FTTN
  • Fiber Optic cables including Hybrid cables (x Optical Fibers + several types of power cable like 3×1,5 sqm or 3×2,5 sqm)

Technical Description:

The technical specifications for each product mentioned before will be sent by request as there are several options and many different types of products.

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