• DCS/AKTA: Fiber Optic Splicing & Testing Course
  • Vodafone Romania: Fiber Optic Network Design
  • ANCOM: Fiber Optic Netowrks – Passive Components, Sept 2014
  • ANCOM: GIS Solutions for telecom operators, Feb 2015
  • Camusat: FTTH Networks
  • RCS&RDS:
    • – Fiber Optic Backbone 3 000 km for RCS&RDS (E2E projects which contains network design, OPGW installation, Fiber Optic splicing and testing management) with OPGW on 110 kV OHL + 1 000 km for Transelectrica with OPGW (installation only) on 220/400 kV OHL.
    • Procurement for Fiber Optic Cables (OPGW & ADSS), accesories for aerial fiber optic cables installation and equipments for FTTH projects.


  • NETCITY Telecom: 900 km of Metropolitan Fiber Optic Network (underground) in Bucharest
  • Telekom Romania Pilot Project in Bucharest, 4th District, April 2016. Smart City solutions of Telekom Romania in partnership with CISCO had been implemented by Vegacomp Consulting as follows:
    • Smart Parking – 126 parking sensors in aspfalt. Supplier: Kiunsys. Technology: wireless 433 Mhz. Detection: ultrasonic. Plus 3 controllers installed on poles.
    • Street Lighting – 8 LED lamps with controllers, sensors and video camera. Supplier: Sensity.
    • Smart Safety – 3 video cameras installed on poles, one of them being with LPR (License Plate Recognition)
    • Managed WiFi – 2 WiFi Access Points
  • Telekom Romania Pilot Project in Constanta, 16th of June 2017. Smart City solutions of Telekom Romania in partnership with ZTE had been implemented on site by Vegacomp Consulting as follows:
    • Smart Parking – 50 parking sensors for legal places (2 for people with handicap and one for Electric Vehicles) + 10 parking sensors for illegal places. Supplier: ZTE. Technology: wireless 868 Mhz. Detection: magnetic. Plus 3 controllers with PV installed on poles. Plus a very good app: ZTE Smart Parking. Plus a parking indicator for available parking places display.
    • Street Lighting – 5 LED lamps with controllers. Supplier: ZTE
    • Blue Pillar – a 9 m pole with LED lamp, WiFi Access Point, Video camera 360 degrees, Air Quality Monitor, Wind Station, Outdoor LED display, EV charger station 7 kW.
    • Video Analytics. Supplier: KiWi.
  • Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 – Vegacomp Consulting signed the Cooperation Agreement with The CityHall of Alba Iulia signed on 12th of October, 2017 for participation in the Pilot Project Smart City Alba Iulia 2018 with 2 Smart City solutions: Smart Parking (50 outdoor wireless parking sensors produced in Romania) and Smart Metering (3 kits for one school in order to remotely read the electricity, gas and water meters in the same time). The solutions are to be implemented soon.
  • ARSCM – Association for Romanian Smart Cities and Mobility. The first Course for Smart City called “Introduction to Smart City” had been coordinated by Vegacomp Consulting in partnership with ARSCM within 21-23rd of February, 2018, in Bucharest. There were 15 participants from public administration and private companies. The Course had 10 modules with 10 speakers and it had a great success. It will be followed by the next Course at the end of May, 2018 in Cluj – Napoca.
The outdoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure had been build for Loreco Investments within 2015 – 2017 as a multi–operator fiber optic infrastructure for the first village with 127 houses planned, all with FTTH connections from a cabinet and an external interconnection point which is starting from the most closed pole from aerial network (around 400 m from the cabinet).
The components of this outdoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure are the following:
  • HDPE 110 mm pipe for Transport network: 2800+ m, with one empty HDPE 40 mm and preinstalled HDPE 40 mm pipe with 7×8/10 micro ducts
  • HDPE 40 mm preinstalled with 10 x 4/7 mm microducts for Access network: 2 350 m
  • Fiber Optic cable with 96 fibers: 2 200 m (for transport network)
  • Fiber Optic cable with 4 fibers: 600+ m (for Access network)
  • One cabinet fully equipped with compact modules with SC/PC connectors
  • 10 manholes to be used in common for electric cables and fiber optic cables
  • 11 manholes to be used for fiber optic cables only
  • 3 WiFi Access Points for Park Area of high quality

  • NETCITY Telecom
  • LORECO – Dumbrava Vlasiei
  • Telekom Romania – Smart City Pilot Project Sector 4 Bucharest & Smart City Pilot Project Constanta (for ZTE Romania)
TELECOM Services
  • Telekom Romania – telecom cables inventory on LEA poles in Slobozia – 2014
ENERGY Services
  • Electrica Soluziona – SMART POLE project in Focsani, mar – oct 2016
  • SISE – inventory of telecom cables on LEA poles of ENEL in Bucharest, 2015