• DCS/AKTA: Fiber Optic Splicing & Testing Course
  • Vodafone Romania: Fiber Optic Network Design
  • ANCOM: Fiber Optic Netowrks – Passive Components, Sept 2014
  • ANCOM: GIS Solutions for telecom operators, Feb 2015
  • Camusat: FTTH Networks
  • RCS&RDS:
    • – Fiber Optic Backbone 3 000 km for RCS&RDS (E2E projects which contains network design, OPGW installation, Fiber Optic splicing and testing management) with OPGW on 110 kV OHL + 1 000 km for Transelectrica with OPGW (installation only) on 220/400 kV OHL.
    • Procurement for Fiber Optic Cables (OPGW & ADSS), accesories for aerial fiber optic cables installation and equipments for FTTH projects.


  • NETCITY Telecom: 900 km of Metropolitan Fiber Optic Network (underground) in Bucharest
  • Telekom Romania Pilot Project in Bucharest, 4th District, April 2016. Smart City solutions of Telekom Romania in partnership with CISCO had been implemented by Vegacomp Consulting as follows:
    • Smart Parking – 126 parking sensors in aspfalt. Supplier: Kiunsys. Technology: wireless 433 Mhz. Detection: ultrasonic. Plus 3 controllers installed on poles.
    • Street Lighting – 8 LED lamps with controllers, sensors and video camera. Supplier: Sensity.
    • Smart Safety – 3 video cameras installed on poles, one of them being with LPR (License Plate Recognition)
    • Managed WiFi – 2 WiFi Access Points
  • Telekom Romania Pilot Project in Constanta, 16th of June 2017. Smart City solutions of Telekom Romania in partnership with ZTE had been implemented on site by Vegacomp Consulting as follows:
    • Smart Parking – 50 parking sensors for legal places (2 for people with handicap and one for Electric Vehicles) + 10 parking sensors for illegal places. Supplier: ZTE. Technology: wireless 868 Mhz. Detection: magnetic. Plus 3 controllers with PV installed on poles. Plus a very good app: ZTE Smart Parking. Plus a parking indicator for available parking places display.
    • Street Lighting – 5 LED lamps with controllers. Supplier: ZTE
    • Blue Pillar – a 9 m pole with LED lamp, WiFi Access Point, Video camera 360 degrees, Air Quality Monitor, Wind Station, Outdoor LED display, EV charger station 7 kW.
    • Video Analytics. Supplier: KiWi.

The outdoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure had been build for Loreco Investments within 2015 – 2017 as a multi–operator fiber optic infrastructure for the first village with 127 houses planned, all with FTTH connections from a cabinet and an external interconnection point which is starting from the most closed pole from aerial network (around 400 m from the cabinet).
The components of this outdoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure are the following:
  • HDPE 110 mm pipe for Transport network: 2800+ m, with one empty HDPE 40 mm and preinstalled HDPE 40 mm pipe with 7×8/10 micro ducts
  • HDPE 40 mm preinstalled with 10 x 4/7 mm microducts for Access network: 2 350 m
  • Fiber Optic cable with 96 fibers: 2 200 m (for transport network)
  • Fiber Optic cable with 4 fibers: 600+ m (for Access network)
  • One cabinet fully equipped with compact modules with SC/PC connectors
  • 10 manholes to be used in common for electric cables and fiber optic cables
  • 11 manholes to be used for fiber optic cables only
  • 3 WiFi Access Points for Park Area of high quality

  • NETCITY Telecom
  • LORECO – Dumbrava Vlasiei
  • Telekom Romania – Smart City Pilot Project Sector 4 Bucharest & Smart City Pilot Project Constanta (for ZTE Romania)
TELECOM Services
  • Telekom Romania – telecom cables inventory on LEA poles in Slobozia – 2014
ENERGY Services
  • Electrica Soluziona – SMART POLE project in Focsani, mar – oct 2016
  • SISE – inventory of telecom cables on LEA poles of ENEL in Bucharest, 2015