Smart Pole is an integrated product for Smart Cities.
We are speaking about a retro-fit solution which can be installed on any existing pole with 8 standard individual products by choice and optional products too.
The product is including a mechanical resistance calculation of pole before to install them.

Product Scope:

We are proposing to use the existing Poles more than they are used today and to see the Poles as Hubs for future city intelligence as part of a very important infrastructure for city and citizens.

Application field:

  • Smart Cities
  • Street Lighting
  • IoT

Technical Description:

Smart Pole has the following standard products:

  1. SMART LIGHTING: LED lamp various types and sizes with LoRa integrated controller
  2. SMART CONNECTIVITY: WiFi Access Point – with uplink of 4G or Fiber Optic
  3. SMART SAFETY: Surveillance camera with uplink of 4G or fiber optic and Video Analitcs by request
  4. SMART EMERGENCY: Panic button with loudspeaker
  6. SMART DISPLAY: Outdoor digital display for the important info for citizens in the area of that Smart Pole with data collected by the sensors installed
  7. SMART SOUND: Noise Sensor
  8. SMART PARKING ENABLER: LoRa Gateway for monitoring the potential LoRa wireless parking sensors within the Smart Pole area

And some optional features:

  1. EV charger station 7 kW
  2. Smart Label: a label with dynamic information which can be read or write about the pole’s attributes, usage or other pole’s characteristics
  3. Wind station: sensors for measuring the speed and direction of wind
  4. Others by request

Any questions?

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