Utilities are commodities and a Smart Metering as a Service helps the final Customer/Consumer and also the Distributor. Usually each Utility has its own business model and information. This service is giving an integrated info regarding all the consumption for an apartment/building/shop or Consumer for any of the 4 main Utilities: Electricity, water, gas and thermic.


Smart Metering as a Service is a data collection service which includes installation of some devices for index communication from the existing meters to a central point (a Smart Metering app), where End-User or Customer can have access as well as the Distributor.

The service has a site survey which helps taking decisions if using retro-fit solutions or it needs to change some existing meters in the locations.

The SMaaS includes a very important component of Data strategy and data training which helps all its customers to better use the available information. The service helps its customers with regularly Usage Reports but also with pre-configured Alerts (like some thresholds for consumption which are more than 20% than previous month).

The communications solutions used are various starting from GPRS, WiFi, Ethernet, LoRaWAN, Fiber Optic and others.

The data are delivered to the Client in a Dashboard and software platform which it includes Reporting, Alerts modules based on BI also.

Product Scope:

This Multi-Utility service is collecting data from the existing meters or is changing some of the meters if necessary with the aim of providing real-time data of consumption for Electricity, Water, Gas or Heating Agent, including value-added services like Alerts, Reports, Costs reductions, automate invoicing for sub-metering and so on.

Application field:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Grid
  • Utilities Infrastructure
  • Residential campuses
  • Office Buildings

Technical Description:

The elements of the Smart Metering as a Service are the following:

  • Site Survey
  • Meter’s replacements where necessary
  • Communications devices installation connected to each meter
  • Tests
  • Software configurations according to the needs and requirements
  • Tests and Acceptance
  • Operation & Maintenance

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