The implementation of a Smart City Project is much more than challenging because it requires a lot of imagination, innovation and focus on results. It means more than an Integrator job but it implies a lot of inter-connections with various type of people from different companies (local authorities, state companies and private companies).

A Smart City project implementation is putting in place at least 3 different Smart City solutions from various suppliers usually with different technologies and integration, which includes a very important part of Energy for all the system components.


Smart City project implementation is an integration service which includes materials procurements, network design or power design, ROW, permits obtaining, installation works, digging, cable installation, electrical, telecom and civil works.

The service includes a very important component of project management which means also connecting the right people from different companies at the right time.

Product Scope:

This service is an Integrator job which makes several Smart City solutions working well on site, including the powering part of the Smart City components and the communications solutions.

Application field:

  • Smart Cities

Technical Description:

The elements of the Smart City project implementation are the following:

  • Project Management
  • Design (both for communications and power)
  • Permits and Rights of Ways
  • Procurement
  • Civil works
  • Installation of components
  • Tests and Acceptance
  • Maintenance

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