Outdoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure is E2E product given as CAPEX or OPEX in order to provide all the possible communication services required (TV, internet, telephony and data) for a building or set of buildings, for residential or business customers.

Product Scope:

This product is a Multi-Operator solution which brings to the Customers competition in services and options to choose services and not Operators, and to have services in a very short time (Plug & Play principle).

Application field:

  • Residential Campuses
  • Real-Estate Buildings (Business or Residential)
  • Industrial premises
  • Shopping Business Centers

Technical Description:

Outdoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure contains Design-Build-Operate modules according to the needs of the Customer, building scope and location specific. The elements of an Outdoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure includes the civil works (trenches, ducts and microducts, manholes or handholes, cabinet and poles if necessary), Fiber Optic cabling, splicing and testing, WiFi spots installation if required, active equipments for data transmission and other related works.

All the procurement here is done at the best price – quality ratio in agreement with the Customer for all the Outdoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure components. The Design phase has an initial survey and plan followed by the final Network Drawing and As-Built Drawings after the network execution.

Usually the Execution works are going in parallel with other utilities/infrastructure works in order to optimize the costs.

The Operation phase of Outdoor Fiber Optic Infrastructure is important for delivering the required services in time and with the best quality of services for the Clients of that building or buildings. This phase includes the maintenance of the Fiber Optic Network.

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