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Vegacomp Consulting Reports a Threefold Turnover Growth, up to 1.2 Million Lei on the Year

 Vegacomp Consulting today announces that it reached a 1.2 million Lei turnover in 2018, up by almost 300% on the year compared with 2017. The key drivers of the strong positive evolution follow:

 Fiber Optic partnership with a large network roll-out company. Starting with July, 2018, Vegacomp Consulting is building up an International Department in partnership with an important network development company, in Bucharest, aimed to deliver a variety of international Fiber Optic projects. Vegacomp manages  and delivers valuable professional resources for the partner-company, in order to implement various Fiber Optic deployments in Romania and abroad.

 Parking Sensors and an Intelligent Parking Management System. During September – December, 2018, Vegacomp has installed an intelligent parking system, that includes almost 1,400 indoor parking sensors, 27 row masters, 9 indoor displays, 600 beacons and server, as well as management platform software.

IMProve Audit – 59 % innovation management performance. This above-industry-average score was obtained in December from the IMProve European Innovation Management Academy, after an innovation audit concluded with a Benchmark Innovation Management Assessment Report. The Vegacomp slogan, “Innovate Networks. Re-Design Business”, thoroughly represents the business core of all projects, regardless of their success and final or development state. The report stated that Vegacomp obtained an overall score of 59% compared with 57% for growth champions and 52% for average similar companies.

More Workshops for Creativity & Imagination. During 2018, Beti Vervega, Art Director of Vegacomp, had run monthly workshops for two big international companies. The aim was to improve the Creativity & Imagination of their team leaders, through activities based on various fields of Visual Arts, like: mosaic, food design, glass painting, fingerprint, painting on silk, modelling, tea ceremony, lino-cut and others. The workshops proved to be an efficient method of disconnecting the audience from the daily routines and to enter in a flux mood, the so called good mood. Creativity, imagination, total connectivity, motor skills development came together to deliver the moment of top level Creativity, when people become so engaged in their activities that time and space cease to exist anymore, as well as personal boundaries.

Partnership for EV charging stations in Romania. The partnership with an important international player, also active on the local market, runs throughout the next 4 years. The first six EV charging stations will be installed in 2019 in District 4, Bucharest, with the Vegacomp’s supervision and support.  

Romanian and European presence in the Smart City area. Vegacomp drafted the first two “Scanning Smart Cities of Romania” reports, in March and September, 2018. The results showed an increase, from 216 to 316 Smart City projects in Romania. In partnership with ARSCM (Association for Romanian Smart City and Mobility), Vegacomp participated, as Smart City Academy coordinator, in the first two “Introduction to Smart City” courses, for three days periods in March and June, both in Bucharest. At EU level, Vegacomp, in partnership with Concept Apps, drafted an European Smart City Map, with more than 1,100 Smart City projects identified in 65 cities from 28 EU countries.

Partnership with two universities in Bucharest. In its commitment for Education and Training, Vegacomp hired six students for three months, in the summer of 2018. With the support of the Faculty of Electronics & Telecommunications, Vegacomp hired one student for its Smart Cities in Europe project. The result was the map, created after a three months research period. Vegacomp also hired five students from the Faculty of Transport, Electronics section. In partnership with Intergraph, they supported drafting the inventory of parking places in District 1, Bucharest – scanning almost 40 000 parking places. The map includes all parking places, public and private, available in District 1.

 Additional details regarding each of the developments mentioned above will be available over the following months.

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