What is the depth of Fiber Optic Cables installation underground in Romania?

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The only one standard for Fiber Optic Cables installation had been created in Romania since 1990.

The Romanian standard is SR 13558:2014 and the title is “Underground telecom networks in urban areas. Placement and execution conditions”.

The authors of this very important standard were Netcity Telecom – the first telecom company which introduced in Romania mini-trenching on large scale, ASRO – Romanian Standardization Association and AFOR – Fiber Optic Association of Romania.

This standard speaks about the depth of Fiber Optic Cables to be installed in underground networks in urban areas. More than the traditional trench at 1,2 m this standard updates and adapts to Romanian conditions the international standards L.48 and L.49 (ITU-T Recommendations) regarding the new and modern trenching technologies like mini-trench (depth of 40 cm and width of 13 cm) and micro-trench (depth of up to 10 cm and width of 2 cm).

This standard aims to reduce the investments in fiber optic networks and to encourage the Telecom companies and Local authorities to invest in Fiber Optic Metropolitan networks.

Tha standard can be bought online from ASRO web site: http://www.asro.ro.

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