First Fiber Training Center in Croatia in the oldest city from Europe

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Vegacomp team is launching today together with Technology Park Vinkovci the first Educational Center for Fiber Optic Technology (called ECST) in Croatia in the oldest continuously inhabited city from Europe #ECSTVK

The Fiber Training Center contains one Indoor Lab and an Outdoor Lab which simulates the fiber optic network with the aim of preparing the future skilled resources for today’s and tomorrow’s projects of Croatia.

Fiber Optic is the infrastructure of better communication, not only for concepts like Smart City, IoT or 5G, but for many industries for Innovative solutions where Communication can boost the business.

ECST is waiting for partners like Universities, high schools, telecom companies or infrastructure owners, real estate or companies interested in delivering high quality works with fiber optic networks.

During the Pilot Project paid by the City Hall of Vinkovci Vegacomp team will make 3 sessions of training for a total duration 9 days for Fiber Optic Splicing for 12 participants.

Based on large Fiber Optic experience and also in Fiber Optic Training, Vegacomp team and Technology Park of Vinkovci are looking to develop personalized training programs for their partners in the near future.

Dare for more Training.

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