New installation of 35 parking sensors in Alba Iulia

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Vegacomp Consulting installed 35 parking sensors in Alba Iulia  


  • The sensors made in Romania allow more efficiency and real time monitoring of the positive and negative parking places
  • The solution is part of the pilot project ‘Alba Iulia Smart City 2018’


Bucharest, July 26, 2018 – The smart turn-key integrator Vegacomp Consulting today announced that it has installed 35 parking sensors in the city of Alba Iulia, enabling real-time monitoring and real-time monitoring of parking spaces in the proximity of the “Casa Sindicatelor” building.


‘Parking sensors are a part of the Vegacomp Consulting solutions for the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 project, with an aim to showcase and probe the importance of sensors in a Smart City. The local production of sensors for Smart City solutions for different business lines such as parking, energy, water or gas, aims to solve some problems and needs of the inhabitants of cities in Romania and other countries, by using the appropriate means of communication, such as IoT,” said Cornel Barbuţ, CEO, Vegacomp Consulting.


The information transmitted through these sensors is aggregated in an easy-to-use interface, through web and smartphone applications for both end-users and public administration. The company has already installed two such sets of sensors, which communicate with LoRa’s functional technology in one of the most trafficked car parks in downtown Bucharest since March last year.


The solution is part of the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 project, initiated by the Ministry of Communications in 2016, which makes Alba Iulia the “smartest” city in Romania, at present. IOTIFY Solutions is the partner and the parking sensor manufacturer, Orange Romania ensures the connectivity via LoRa and Life Is Hard manages the mobile application.


Vegacomp Consulting is launching its own Smart City solutions, developed based on the experience gained as integrator for partners with global reputation, in previous projects and implementations in Bucharest, Constanta and Piatra Neamt, while already reaching its fifth implementation of Smart City projects in Romania.


So far, the company has developed and delivered projects based on the latest communications technologies such as: Broadband over Powerline (BPL), ZWave and LoRa. The company’s projects are Smart Pole, based on its own concept, Smart Label, Smart Fuse and Smart Home. They are addressed to B2B2C customers, with current business models proposed to Romanian and international markets.


About Vegacomp Consulting

Founded in 2004, Vegacomp Consulting, a turn-key integrator, builds on a team with over 24 years of experience in telecommunication, especially fiber optic networks, in Romania and internationally, and focuses its projects on solutions development that combine telecoms and energy. Vegacomp Consulting brings innovative solutions for the development of future networks, generated by its own R&D department, both in the country and abroad. The company has been focusing its work on LoRa technology for the last two years and has been active in the Smart City industry since 2014. More information is available at


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