Open Optical Conference

 In Fiber Optic

An Open Optical Conference will take place in Dallas on 2nd of November, 2017 with interesting issues to be discussed:

  • Open optical networks – what that means?
  • What Facebook has to do with Optical networks? About Telecom Infra Project and Open Compute Project  or the Voyager open whitebox packet DWDM transponder
  • Open ROADM and its details as announced by AT&T for announced plans to use the open optical transport architecture in its 400 Gigabit Ethernet trials.
  • Optical whiteboxes trend – are they really next big thing?
  • Software in optical networks like SDN or NFV
  • Will the demand for open systems fundamentally change their business models?
  • Autonomous + Open Networks
  • where the open optical trend will go?




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