Robots in Fiber Optic Industry

 In Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic cables are going into a worldwide shortage as the fiber optic request is increasing. We are speaking about single-mode fiber optic here. The specialists are concerned what measures to take in order to increase the productivity in fiber optic industry?

What actions to take or which support to ask for?

Robots can be useful in the Fiber Optic industry?

But there are used robots nowadays in Fiber Optic industry? According to my knowledge there are very few robots used for the moment. As in Europe Germany is leading the Robots manufacturing industry in Germany there are producing robots for installation of fiber optic cables into sewage or water or gas conduits. Also there are some factories in Switzerland which manufactures robots for fiber optic cable installation in difficult conditions.

Submarine Fiber Optic Cable installation is using some robots also but for OPGW there is no robots used yet. However, for some river crossings or big obstacles there are used robots for ADL applications (All-Dielectric-Lashed).

In the factories for Fiber Optic or Fiber Optic Cable or Fiber Optic connectivity the Robots are still very few yet used. We can estimate that in the near future the productivity can be increased by using Robots but only after Robots will grow and can easily handle such small dimensions like microns of fiber optics.

Can you imagine Robots to be used in the field for Fiber Optic works? For Fiber Optic splicing or for Fiber Optic testing? In the last months I saw a very high request for short periods of Fiber Optic splicers, either in some countries in Europe or in Caribbean, after the Irma hurricane. Here it’s difficult to see in the near future Robots in place.

If you see Robots used in Fiber Optics Industry, please let me know.


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