Smart City Scan of Romania

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Vegacomp did 3 reports of Smart City Scan in Romania within 2018 – 2019 and if you are curious to see how many Smart City pilot projects had been done in Romania, where, by who, how is the evolution, what type of Smart City solutions were implemented and so on, you can download the first Smart City Scan ebook attached in English and Romanian with all the first 3 editions in one ebook. Presently, Vegacomp’s team is working at the 4th edition of Smart City Scan of Romania. If you had been done within the last one year a Smart City project in Romania please let us know in order to include them in this last updated Smart City Scan 2020. Contact us:

RO version: ebook_radiografia_smart_city_romania_ro_2020.04.08

EN version: e-book_smart_city_scan_of_romania_en

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