Smart Metering Solution working for electricity, gas and water meters is waiting to produce money

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The junction between the Telecom sector and Energy field is the best used in Smart Metering applications.

Vegacomp has done within 2017 three pilot projects, all of them working properly as follows:

  1. in partnership with Electrica, in Alba Iulia. There are 3 meters installed in transformer stations and their data (18 parameters from the meters) are remotely collected every one hour. Communication used is GPRS with plans to switch this year to LoRaWAN. There are some other advantages of this Smart Metering service compared with existing classic solution.
  2. for a shopping mall in Bucharest Vegacomp installed a solution in July 2017 to remote read 2 electricity meters, one water meter and one gas meter. The communication is GPRS for electricity meters and LoRa for gas and water meters.
  3. for one of biggest telecom operators, Vegacomp installed 3 equipments in mobile telecom stations in order to remote read the power consumption at any time from their electricity meters.

Besides the devices used for remote reading of the various type of meters, Vegacomp is based within Smart Metering solution on IOTIFY Smart Metering app, which collects and integrates all the sensors data. From this point where data are gathered, Vegacomp is preparing to develop AI and Big Data for Energy sector too.

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