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With our Customers by our side, Vegacomp Consulting closed a busy 2017, with plenty events, progresses and developments and, with all of you as well, we aim for a successful 2018.  Let’s go through the highlights of 2017: 
– We have a new site, www.vegacomp.ro, exclusively in English, since July 1. We have had 11,607 unique visitors in six months, with a record of 3,330 unique visitors in August 2017.

–  We issued our first Press Release on September 28th, following the partnership with the Alba Iulia Municipality for Smart Metering and Smart Parking solutions – http://proalba.ro/vegacomp-consulting-furnizeaza-municipiului-alba-iulia-solutii-smart-parking-si-smart-metering. The Press Release and the Public Relations side were performed by Vegacomp in partnership with Prora, PR specialists.

it also was, of course,  a year of presence to numerous relevant events:

National level:

May 22: Smart Education for Smart City at SNSPA, Bucharest
September 28: Energy Storage Symposium atICSI Rm Vâlcea – first edition, we presented ‘The Financial Side of Energy Storage’
November 3-4 : Smart Cities of Romania, Bucharest, the Politechnic Faculty
November 7-8 : Different City/Smart City, Bucharest

International level:

June 13 – 15: IoT London, TECH XTRL8
June 21 – 22: PARKEN Karlsruhe, international parking exhibition
August 28 – 29: Visit in Switzerland at one fiber optic connectors important production facility
December 7 – 17: business trip to Miami, Florida – parking sensors sales

Fiber Optic Events:

  • We held five workshops, with AFOR, the Romanian Fiber Optic Association (see www.afor.ro) – three of them at the Prysmian plant in Slatina and two in Bucharest, both of the later also live on Facebook.
  • We realized three Fiber Optic Courses, the final one in December, in French, for Belgian attendants
  • We co-chaired ECAI 2017 (Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence International Conference) in Ploiești, on June 30, presenting ‘The Future of Fiber Optic Networks in Romania’  – https://vegacomp.ro/cornel-barbut-was-participated-at-ecai-2017/

Smart City projects grew even faster in 2017

  • We’ve implemented two pilot Smart City projects for Telekom Romania, in Constanta, completed in June, and in Piatra Neamt, completed in December, following our first project in Bucharest, in 2016, in Parcul Tineretului.
  • We’ve also installed 60 parking sensors for Direct One in Alba Iulia, within the Smart City Pilot Project run by Direct One
  • 2017 also brought us a partnership agreement with the Alba Iulia Municipality for the Vegacomp developed solutions.

The IOTIFY start-up, after its first year

Established in March 2017, IOTIFY Solutions has already produced three versions of parking sensors – indoor, outdoor applied and outdoor buried.

The outdoor sensors have been installed and are fully functional in four Romanian cities: Bucharest, Alba Iulia, Brasov and Voluntari.
The Smart Metering solution was implemented and it is running for two clients – Sun Plaza (a big shopping mall run by CBRE) and Telekom România – mobile telephony towers.
We took part in the first Hackathon, on October 19th, for the Romanian final stage: PowerUp 2017 Competition (https://vegacomp.ro/powerup-competition/).
Also, we’ve held a presentation – “AI for and with Energy. Can we better use the data from Energy sector with AI?” at Bucharest.AI #4 on October 26 (https://vegacomp.ro/ai-for-and-with-energy/)

2017 was also a good year for innovation and R&D

Since July 2017, Vegacomp Consulting is a member of the DRIFMAT cluster (Distributed Research Infrastructure for Materials, Applications and Technology) in Măgurele. (https://vegacomp.ro/research-development-drifmat-innovative-cluster/)

2017 also meant business lessons learned

BPL (Broadband over Powerline). A communications through the power lines technology developed by Corinex Communications in Canada that we have tried to bring to Romania. A two years effort meant that you need to try new technologies in business, but also to carefully pick-up the partners.

Smart Home. We hard worked to bring NorthQ solutions from Denmark to Romania. The Smart Home area is trending, and the projects allowed us to better appreciate the complexity of certain subjects and the full commitment to a B2B2C project.

Smart Pole. An original and innovative own project to digitize and mapping the poles and the telecom networks they hold.  It’s an active and dynamic poles inventory cloud-based app and solution. Vegacomp made a pilot with its partners – Servelectro Integral and Electrica, in Focșani, in 2016. Last year proved that a technically correct project needs a strong sales and customer networking component. Each project has its own time and business phases. This project idea started since 2013 and we are looking to produce financial results within the next 3 years.

IoT Sensor by Request. We made an IoT sensor for an international company. We called it MUDI – IOTIFY Open Door Monitoring, that monitors and sends alerts when certain doors are open for more than two minutes in a freezer facility. We’ve built three fully working versions in three months. We can move fast, with a short time to market, for a new product, while we also need funding for any type of prototype for any type of IOT sensor.

To conclude, thank you for the great work we’ve done together in 2017 and let’s continue to build on the Vegacomp products in 2018:
1. Fiber Optic Products

a) Fiber Optic Courses (Fiber Optic Splicing, Fiber Optic Testing, Fiber Optic Network Planning, FTTH Networks and personalized Courses)

b) Fiber Optic Network Audit

c) Fiber Optic Network Design

d) Fiber Optic Infrastructure turn-key projects

e) Fiber Optic consultancy
2. Smart City Consultancy and Services
3. IoT – LoRa wireless parking sensors (outdoor and indoor)
4. IoTSmart Metering for electricity, gas, water and thermal energy

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