E-Health solutions available for this time

 In Smart City

Vegacomp Consulting is closed to the people in Romania in this difficult period and we are selecting below all e-Health solutions which we know available and functional to support the medical system and the people.

  1. Reflex –  excellent solution for kineto-therapy from home – Recovery made simple with AI in medicine: https://www.reflex.help/
  2. Medic Pad – with several modules very useful for this Corona virus period: Activity Tracker, Analytics, Wearable, Bed Managementand Risk Assesment: https://ziaruldebucuresti.ro/medicpad-inovatie-pe-timp-de-coronavirus/

and now from all our Smart City Scan Reports done for all Smart City projects in Romania we identified the following e-Health solutions:

  1. Life is Hard, member in the Cluj IT Cluster has CityHealth platform for the City Halls: https://www.lifeishard.ro – implemented in Alba Iulia and Petrosani at least as the next 2 apps from them.
  2. Life is Hard with the platform donez450.ro for blood donors.
  3. Life is Hard is providing Peditel – for children medical consultations.
  4. Hyper Media – https://hpm.ro/ The solution Hyper Med is for making more efficient the medical act (implemented in Alba Iulia).
  5. Iasi – Services for smart health: https://iasismartcity.ro/ , project implemented by Iasi AI: https://iasi.ai/

Plus some other solutions found on internet and confirmed by my knowledge/experience:

  1. UTI – Tele-medicine http://ro.uti.eu.com/index.php?lang=ro&id=499 and eHealth solutions (the public Health card is done by them)
  2. Siveco – eHealth solutions software: http://www.siveco.ro/ro/solutii-business-to-public/ehealth
  3. one web page eHealth Romania: https://ehealthromania.com/aplicatii-ehealth-pastrezi-sanatatea/
  4. Asociatia Pro Refugiu – an e-Health platform for traficated persons: http://e-health.prorefugiu.org/ro/acasa/

If you know other e-Health solutions, please send an email to office@vegacomp.ro in order to help local authorities and citizens.

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