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Vegacomp developed during the last years an innovative service called SMART POLE. There is not a Product, as you might expect with a pole equipped with various devices, accessories or sensors, like we have too:

SMART POLE as a Service it is a service done for Utilities and Telecom Operators who owns the Poles and need Data from their Assets real-time if possible. What type of Data do they need as Poles/Infrastructure Owners? Beside the GIS Data with the exact location of their Poles they usually need information like type/model of Pole (wooden/concrete/metal), if they have lighting set or not and if yes which type, and what they really have on each Pole as cables, accessories, advertising panels or devices.

The Pole is more than a network Node nowadays, very important for the functionality of the network but is carrying other objects as support which are bringing revenues for the Poles owners.

Do Utilities or Telecom Operators monitor or monetize these Poles real-time?

Do they have all an inventory with GIS Data and Labels for each Pole?

In the near future the Poles will become more important that they are now as Critical City Infrastructure because they can be used for more than 6 – 8 hours per day for lighting the city/street or for hanging only 1 – 3 fiber optic/copper cables. The Smart City needs good infrastructure and the Poles are the most suitable for many City applications like Air Quality monitoring, Noise monitoring, Safe City (video camera surveillance), Smart Parking solutions, EV charging solutions and many more.

What Pilot Projects did Vegacomp until now to test and innovate this Smart Pole as a Service?

  1. 2014: Client – Telekom Romania (incumbent operator). The aim of the Pilot Project was to see the use of wooden poles own by Telekom Romania in Bucharest which they originally installed only for their own telecommunications network. The project was done for an area with 97 wooden poles, where we discovered the usage for street lighting also. Moreover, the 97 Poles were used by other telecom operators and local ISPs with an average of 10.019 cables between the poles and 13.76 drop cable connections (to the subscribers). This Pilot Project proved to the Client that they missed revenues in value of 100 Euro/year for each wooden Pole in average in Bucharest. For an estimated amount of 10 000 wooden poles it means a good revenue of 1 million Euro/year lost for several years.


  1. 2014: Client – Telekom Romania. They wanted to know their cables inventory on ENEL poles from city of Slobozia. There were 742 ENEL poles analyzed and 43 wooden poles during one month.


  1. 2014: Client – Electrica Serv. They were asked by RCS&RDS (the biggest 4-play telecom operator from Romania) to do the Coexistence Study for Poles used in Bucharest by the owner, ENEL. Vegacomp did the job on site with taking all the GPS coordinates of the 24 000 poles and the number of fiber optic cables between them, while Electrica Serv did the calculations in the software for calculating the mechanical resistance of the Poles in order to see if the Poles have enough resistance to more other fiber optic cables to be installed on that Poles. The number of existing cables was between 1 to 32 cables on the same pole.
  2. 2016: Client – Electrica Soluziona (on behalf of Electrica Muntenia Nord). Project: inventory of all Poles owned by the Utility (ELECTRICA MN) in the city of Focsani with all its inventory, electrical and telecom. There were inventoried 4 737 Poles within 3 months with an average of 5 teams on-site. Beside the GIS data collected the project collected in our own Software called Smart Pole, done in cooperation with our partner SindServ, all the telecom cables and equipment info, in order to be easy maintained regularly. The percentage of identifying the existing cables on the poles was 98%. The output of this project was that there were many cables on the Poles without to pay the leasing fees and the estimation for this city was that the cost of this project could be easily payed within one year from the correct fees for Poles Leasing (ROI < 1 year).

We had noticed during these Inventory projects that many Poles hadn’t labels.  Therefore we had proposed solution for Poles Labelling.

Future Labels are Dynamic Labels which are meant to have 2-way labels, which it allows to read and write a label with various info about a certain Pole.

In the last time we discovered a partner, Smart City Technologies SE, with the office located in Germany and active in 17 countries for doing the Poles Inventory automatically and to move to the next level of the service Smart Pole as a Service. Thus, this service contains the following:

  • Data collection from the Poles on-site (manually with people or automatically with LiDAR technology)
  • Data process
  • Specialized software for Asset Inventory (Network Inventory Management Tool) where all the Asset Data are located and can be seen. Data Free Flows With Trust. Within this software can be issued automatically monthly the invoices for the Owners of the cables installed on the Poles
  • BI module

About our new partner: Smart City Tehnologies SE Romania owns the exclusive products and technology of  CycloMedia Technology BV for the market in Romania, Eastern Europe and the Gulf countries.

Their technology gives you a geo-refferenced, 100 megapixel 3D image that includes the entire road corridor, directly on your computer or tablet / phone.

Infra3DCity allows the administration to develop project planning, mobility issues, and road safety concerns in your city of work. The exact image of the street space, accessible at any time through the infra3D Web application, gives you complete information about road objects, markings, signs, road surface lighting systems and other information, property boundaries (street plot), gas networks, water, electricity, telecommunications, mapping and inventory data.

With the help of an additional sensor (laser scanner) you can evaluate the condition of the road by collecting infra3D data. Get extensive information about buildings and facades thanks to high resolution panoramic images. You can measure distances, areas, heights, widths facades of buildings.

The geo-data collected or tracked can be changed through interfaces such as GML, DXF, KML, GeoJSON or ESRI Shape Files.

To date, this product has been implemented in 16 countries, in the most important capitals and cities such as Berlin, Vienna, Gothenburg, Zurich, Lahti, Basel, Zagreb, Bern and many more. In Romania, the city of Târgu Mureș was the first to benefit from this technology.

In conclusion, with one click you can extract all the data of the processed surfaces in your city from the office or from any other location where you are, from your mobile phone or tablet.

Following the feasibility studies that were the basis of the collaboration with their partners, the conclusion was that the use of this technology saves 80% of the financial effort.

More info regarding the software Smart Street by Cyclomedia for Utilities please see here:


If you are interested to do together a fast inventory of your Poles, digitalize your assets and bring you more revenues, please do not hesitate to contact us: .

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