Fiber Optic Networks Quality Training

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In partnership with Association of Fiber Optic from Romania we did the first Training Course about Fiber Optic Networks Quality in Romania.

The Course had 8 participants and it was done within 19 – 21 April, 2021 online. Based 11 modules these training had been focused on the existing Quality systems for the companies working with fiber optic cables. It is about the Materials Quality required for Fiber Optic Networks and Infrastructures in all phases (Network Design, Execution, O&M) specific for Fiber Optic Networks. It was nice to participate as lecturer among other 4 very experienced lecturers in this Course, each of them with more than 20 years experience. For example, did you know that one of the TOC quality indicators is YPE? YPE stands for Years of Professional Experience and it contains both years of experience in that particular job and number of trainings done for this job. It will be wonderful if this indicator will appear in Tenders for Fiber Optic Networks / FTTH deployments.

Also, looking at the Quality of Fiber Optic Networks it comes an obvious question: there are so many Fiber Optic Networks and increasing number of owners for such FO networks but can we see their Quality? Can we see the results of Technical Audit for a Fiber Optic Network? In conclusion, the Training for Quality of Fiber Optic Network is a good tool and support for Fiber Optic Network owners to increase their Quality and Qos and QoE.

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