Flexible Networks – a new concept for Fiber Optic installers of tomorrow

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What is FLEXNET? Flexible Networks is a new concept recommended for the Fiber Optic installers of tomorrow. The concept had been presented by its author, Cornel Barbut, on Friday 28th of June, 2019 at ECAI 2019 international conference held in Pitesti at its 11th edition (http://ecai.ro/ ).

With so many Fiber Optic deployments in the world nowadays beyond the Fiber Optic network owners (incumbent or alternative telecom operators, ISPs, Municipalities, Infrastructure network operators and so on) there is a crisis of workers or good companies able to install so much fiber in Europe especially.

If one Fiber Optic installer is doing several Fiber Optic projects within several years does it keep something for future deployments? or for other potential customers different than the previous ones? What can be used for other fiber optic projects in other countries or continents?

Flexibility is today a must in this fast changing world and Flexible Networks is a concept based on 5 pillars team able to support the growth of the company and the Quality of works in the same time. Any Fiber Optic Network can be built with high skilled people and with money but that’s not enough. The digitalization and the transformation of old type of Fiber Optic installer is mandatory for today and who is not moving into this direction is loosing the business. The actual business models are also changing from unit prices items (like km of network) to prices per Households and the Fiber Optic installers should prepare themselves for the next business models to come tomorrow.

A Flexibility in the way company is treating its own resources (human capital and digital tools capital) and his Clients and Suppliers will bring Flexibility in execution of any FTTH or other type of Fiber Optic network.

FLEXNET is a concept created to help and support the growth and development of tomorrow’s fiber optic installers.

For those interested in more details, please contact us: office@vegacomp.ro. The article can be downloaded from here:  ecai_afor-iunie-2019_fo_v2

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