Keypoint for Underground Fiber Optic Networks: Manholes

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In Underground Fiber Optic Networks we had noticed in the last 20 years that the most critic point are the nodes. Either Manholes or Handholes. What is the difference between them? Usually Manholes are used in urban areas while Handholes are generally for Open Area outside the localities or for only one operator network including inside the cities.

The biggest problems in Underground Fiber Optic Networks we see in how an Operator/Network Owner is choosing the right Manhole/Handhole. There are plenty mistakes seen in the last decade, from the design phase till the Executon phase or Operation Phase. We saw manholes full of fiber optic cables and when you open the manhole cover the fiber optic cables are getting out of the manholes.

Old Handholes had been installed deep underground and covered with earth 40 cm, equipped with electronic markers but at the end of the day sometimes very difficult to find them for O&M purposes.

The covers for manholes are various, moving from cast iron to concrete or composite and recently more to slabs (the same face as the sidewalk where the manholes are installed). We see here the 3 options for covers according to EN-124 standard: B 125 for sidewalk, D 400 for roadway and also C 250 as uni-size due to the fact that the sidewalks are used also for cars parking or movements.

Therefore, Vegacomp Consulting is coming with a complete solution for Manholes/Handholes for sales to all Network Operators. Based on a partnership with Hidrostank Spain (see here the Access Chambers: ) we are proposing prefabricated manholes/handholes of various sizes much more better than the old type of concrete casted manholes/handholes.

But Vegacomp Consulting is providing a solution and not only a product. Our offer includes:

  1. The Manhole/Handhole body
  2. The Manhole/Handhole Cover
  3. The Manhole/Handhole accesories (how many entries, which types of pipes will be used, cable supports etc)
  4. Consultancy in choosing the right Manhole/Handhole for your Network or Applications (more than design is best on experience, future-proof solution, which sizes do you need now and after 5 years?)
  5. The accesories for Future Manholes/Handholes. If you want to be innovative and to move ahead of other Network Operators we can equip your Manholes/Handholes with future-proof accesories like Smart Labels or sensors for opening the covers (anti-theft sensors).

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