More speed in fiber optic deployments in Europe for the next coming years

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The new elected board of FTTH Europe Council launched on 18th of May, 2018 an “Wake-up call for Europe to speed up on full fibre: demand is on the rise, investments need to catch-up” in Public Release.

It is nice to see the 3 pillars for the fiber optic deployments within the next coming years in this call:

  1. new project on fiber for 5G. This requires a paradigm shift breaking down the traditional silos of “fixed” and “mobile” networks and presents an enormous opportunity to invest more efficiently connecting everyone, everything everywhere.
  2. new fibre investment models like for example wholesale-only and provide a platform for open discussion
  3. focus on how to treat legacy copper so that Europe can speed up moving forward to a fibre future.

For the complete info please visit their FTTH Europe Council website:


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