Smart City events in September – November 2017

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Hereby I gathered a selection of the best Smart CITY Events within the next 3 months, September – November, 2017 for those interested in Smart City news and know-how:


  • 19: Bucharest, Smart City though automation, IEAS (International Electric & Automation Show)
  • 22 – 24: Bucharest, Caravane Smart City Romania start. An interesting project run by Romanian Smart City Association with monthly stops in 12 different cities of Romania in order to raise the awareness of Smart Cities solutions and needs:
  • 28: Bucharest, Smart Transformation Forum 2017. An event run by The Diplomat Bucharest magazine:
  • 28 – 29: Ramnicu Valcea, Energy Storage Symposium, 1st Edition, organized by ICSI, leader of Storage solutions from Romania:


  • 3 – 5: Barcelona, IOT Solutions World Congress, the IOT Industry event with many Smart City solutions and a panel dedicated “CIBS2 – SMART SOLUTIONS MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN CITIES TODAY:
  • 3 – 5: Amsterdam, EUW17 – European Utility Week. The biggest European event for Utilities with many impacts in Energy solutions or various solutions for Smart Cities. They have also 3 very interesting C0o-located events: Intelligent buildings Europe, Energy Revolution Europe and EMART.

  • 5: Energy Efficiency Day – worldwide
  • 10 – 11: Bucharest, Romania Smart Cities – Smart Governance for Smart Citizens. 3rd Location: JW Marriott Hotel:
  • 16 – 18: Targoviste, Power Quality National Symposium, organized by Electrica:
  • 17 – 18: Amsterdam, Internet of Everything In Focus. Monetization, Management & Trust. A Forum with many Smart Cities solutions and an interesting Case Study: Smart Cities – as a platform, the ultimate ecosystem of ecosystems. Exploring the “City as a Platform” concept:
  • 19: Bucharest, Smart City Industry Awards, organized by Romanian Association of Smart City
  • 24-25: Bucharest, Different City – Smart CITY. National Debate 2017 – 2020, 2nd
  • 25-26: Constanta, Conferinta Jump to Smart 2.0, Constanta – Seaport of smart business opportunities, 2nd edition after 1st edition in Bucharest in June, 2017:


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