Vegacomp supplies Smart Parking and Smart Metering solutions for Alba Iulia Smart City Project 2018

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  • The innovative Smart Parking solution includes a set of sensors made in Romania, that allow parking spots optimisation and real-time
  • The Smart Metering component, tested in three municipality buildings, aims to optimise the power, gas and water consumption and includes integrated visibility for all utilities, regardless of the supplier
  • The solutions are included in the ‘Alba Iulia Smart City 2018’ pilot project


Bucharest, September 27, 2017Vegacomp Consulting, a smart turnkey solutions integrator, today announces the start of a working protocol with thee Alba Iulia municipality, through which it supplies Smart City solutions that optimize and monitor in real time the parking spots, via locally produced sensors, as well as the power, gas and water consumption, through an own developed solution.


‘Alba Iulia, city that already is at the forefront in terms of Smart City adoption in Romania, will benefit from our solutions for Smart Parking and Smart Metering, within a pilot project that takes until March, 2019. Thus, we invest in technology adoption, in order to support Romania’s urban development, with locally-produced sensors and our own solutions. With these solutions, we answer to specific needs of the citizens: traffic and parking optimization, clear, real-time visibility for the consumption generated by utilities and cost optimization, unified, regardless of the supplier,’ said Cornel Bărbuț, CEO, Vegacomp Consulting.


Vegacomp Consulting will install and test a set of 50 wireless sensors that allow the detection and status of the parking places – free or occupied. The information delivered via the sensors is aggregated within a friendly interface, through web and smartphone apps, for both the end users and for the municipality. The company has already installed two previous versions of the sensors, that communicate by LoRa technology, in one of the most trafficked parking areas in the heart of Bucharest, since March.


The company will also install, in three types of municipality buildings, with different consumption habits, sets of sensors and data collection devices regarding the use of power, gas and water, via retro-fit systems. Thus, the municipality benefits from clear, real-time access to a relevant set of data regarding the cost of utilities, as well as to an accurate consumption history, that can become the basis of optimisation decisions. The Smart Metering solution relies on the previous experience accumulated suince March in developing two major projects with partners in the power distribution field and large retailers.


Vegacomp Consulting currently launches its own Smart City solutions developed with the accumulated experience as integrator for globally-known partners in previous projects in Bucharest and Constanta.


The pilot solutions are part of the ‘Alba Iulia Smart City 2018’ project initiated by the Communications Ministry in 2016.


Up until now, the company has developed and supplied projcts based on the most recent communications, like: BPL (broadband over powerline), ZWave and LoRa. The company’s projects include Smart Pole, based on an own concept, Smart Label, Smart Fuse and Smart Home. They address B2B2C services customers, with updated business models for the Romanian and international markets.


About Vegacomp Consulting

Established in 2004, Vegacomp Consulting, turnkey integrator, relies on a team experience of over 24 years in telecom, especially in the Fiber Optic networks, in Romania and abroad and focuses its projects on telecom and power combined solutions. Vegacomp Consulting brings, in Romania and abroad, innovative solutions aimed at developing the networks of the future, generated by its own Research and Development department. The company concentrates its last two years’ activity on LoRa technology and activates in the Smart City area since 2014. More information is available at

About Alba Iulia Smart City 2018

Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 is a project based on partnership creation and developments which aims to drive to a smart urban development of Alba Iulia and the city new design in a technological context made more attractiv for its citizens, tourists and potential investors. The fundamental principle of this Project was and it is to involve free of charge various local, regional and national players for the private, public sector, academic, research, NGOs etc for a volunteer contribution with their own resources for a construction of the most modern and smart city of Romania from the high-tech point of view – the City where the Future is born.


The scope of all the partnerships desired by the CityHall of Alba Iulia with different companies is to transform the city in a smart city, an exhibition of smart city solutions to be visited in Alba Iulia by tourists and one thousand of mayors within 2018, when Alba Iulia will be in the center of celebrations for 100 years since the Great Union of Romania had been realized in 1918. Presently, Alba Iulia Smart City has 61 Smart City Projects signed on 10 verticals of interest, which are present also in the EU recommendations.

For more details about Alba Iulia Smart City 2018, please visit:


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