Wireless Parking sensors installed in 4 cities of Romania

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After installation of the first batch of 31 wireless parking sensors in Alba Iulia in November, 2017, the parking sensors had been installed also in Brasov and in Voluntari within December, 2017.

In Bucharest there are already several parking sensors under tests.

The parking sensors reached out London in December, 2017 where our partner, LPRS, intend to install the parking sensors for monitoring the handicap parking places within UK.

US market had been searched also in December, 2017 in Miami. There are many business opportunities for parking in US and the business climate seems to be more efficient especially for Enforcement use case.

Booking for parking places it seems to be everywhere in the world very useful. How to do it practically it’s a challenge to be solved country by country. Important is that now there are solutions.

Parking sensors are part a very modern and efficient parking solution today.

Would you try to test it?

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to get good discounts for parking sensors before End of January, 2018.

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