Indoor Parking Reference Project for the biggest shopping mall from Romania

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The complete indoor parking intelligent system installed at AFI Cotroceni, the biggest shopping mall from Romania with 6 parking floors and 2500 parking places, by Vegacomp team has 2038 ultrasound parking sensors installed in 2 phases: 1378 in phase 1 on January, 2019 and the difference in May, 2020. There are 81 parking sensors for people with disabilities (blue LEDs) and 4 sensors for EV cars (white LEDs). The system includes software platform, 38 row masters (each row master controls up to 63 parking sensors), 26 indoor displays and 5 outdoor displays, 2 cars counting systems based on inductive loop plus 638 beacons. The complete system was provided by our partner FLS Portier,, with a very reach experience in parking sensors (more than 100 000 parking sensors sold in the last 10 years).

The real-time parking data with available number of parking places from the shopping mall are public made within an open platform for parking data since 2020: Anyone who wants to go to this shopping mall can check real-time if there are free parking places in this shopping mall consulting this web site.

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