NEW: Special Offer for Wireless Parking Sensors based on LoRa


For Purchase Orders before end of Year 2017 we offer 20% discounts for IOTIFY LoRaWAN based outdoor parking sensors.

This outdoor parking sensor:

  • is based on geomagnetic detection,
  • it lasts at least 5 years for normal use,
  • it can be easily installed in asphalt, concrete or in pavements area and
  • can be used for regular parking lots, for people with handicap parking places, for Electric Vehicles parking places and also for illegal parking places too.
  • it works presently with LoRa but in the near future the same parking sensor will work with SigFox and NB-IoT.
  • capacity production: 1 000 pcs/month with increase option by request.

Please send us your inquiries asap to get this special offer at

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